Saturday, 18 February 2017

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When your heart is constantly lingering for a man,when in your heart you love him so much and yearn to see his face just one more time, when all you want is to hear his voice and say all that... Then,my lady,you are truly in love.  Hey what of dating? Dating is when both of you are all in love,having more and meaning communication,knowing each other's family,and being sure that yes,both of you are on the way to becoming husband and wife. Teens and dating,what then are the do's and don'ts?

No doubt,dating it a very challenging point for any teenager,desiring to keep herself chaste until her marriage. This is because,at teen,all your s*xual organs are at alert,ready to perform. Their is no denial of the fact that whenever both of you are together you surely feel wet under you,while he feels erected down there between his legs. So at this point,what should you do?

First,both of you should have agreement. Draw a line on 'no go areas' and keep to it. For example,there are people whose agreement is -no kiss,no holding of hands! If you cannot control your s*xual feelings while with him,you can pick up the same agreement.

Ladies,never visit your guy at odd hours. This attitude may send the signal that you flirt,and no responsible man would want to have a flirt for a wife.

If your man loves you,try to know why and what the centre of  attraction is. Try maintaining it as soon as you find out what it is. This is because,even in your marriage,the same attraction will keep you so dear to him.

Be natural,and avoid pretense. A lot of girls pretend,claiming what they don't have while dating. My sister,very soon,he will get to know the real you,and if he is not pleased with it,he will then show you the exit door. Don't claim to be what,or someone you are not.

A respected Psychologist  I know says: 'whatever lies put together,truth will put asunder!  Is it your age? Don't lie to him if you know he will surely find out. At least tell him you are not sure about it,that this is what you take for your age...

Again my lady,avoid anything that will make him see deep inside your legs. That area could be tempting that before you know it,he may eat the apple of his own eyes,and may never have it again!!

Remember,dating is a delicate time for you especially, my lady.There is no fast rules and principles that say you must marry whoever you have dated. Therefore,behave in such a way that even if he says he won't go on with you again,you will have nothing to lose,or regret!!!

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