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To know the agent behind the fall of educational standard in Nigeria,let us have the statistics of students performance in examinations, over the years to see how come the the decline and fall  of education in Nigeria:

Level of Decline and Fall of Educational standard in Nigeria

The continuing decline in educational standards in Nigeria especially as shown in public examination and the performance of education outputs that are inadequate for employment has engendered public outcry. For instance, FME (2006) stated that an average of 13.8 percent and 20.72 percent of candidates who sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and the National Examination Council Certificate examination (NECOCE) between 2000 and 2006 had five credits (including Mathematics and English) respectively. Most recently, 98.25% of all those that sat NECO examinations in 2009 could not obtain five subject passes.Can you imagine the huge difference?

Again, Nigeria launched the Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 1976, but, the programme failed due to lack of fund. Nigeria has again launched another mass oriented education programme, the Universal Basic Education (UBE). The President, Olusegun Obasanjo, declared during the launching of the programme in Sokoto that the nation “cannot afford to fail this time around.” However, not long after that, the federal government reported that the falling standard of education in Nigeria is caused by “acute shortage of qualified teachers in the primary school level.” It is reported that about 23% of the over 400,000 teachers employed in the nation’s primary schools do not possess the Teachers’ Grade Two Certificate, even when the National Certificate of Education (NCE) is the minimum educational requirement one should posses to teach in the nation’s primary schools (Ogbeifum and Olisa; 2001). In most of the states of the federation, no teacher has been employed since the take off of democratic governance. At least in a state well known to the writer, the later military governments hardly employed teachers. The situation now is that the existing teachers though well aged seemed very close to retirement. For the success of the UBE programme, pertinent questions that may be asked include: has the government trained the required number and quality of teachers needed for full implementation of the programme? What is the level of motivation for the teachers to ensure quality teaching? What is the state of infrastructure for the full implementation of the programme? Answers to these questions do not seem to be in the affirmative. It does seem that like the sister, the universal primary education, the programme seems heading towards failure.

Looking at the analysis above,we could tell that the agent behind the fall of education standard in Nigeria is the government. For knowledge sake,why should the Universal Primary Education fail because of lack of fund? This tells the level of unseriousness in the part of government over education.   It means that education is not part of her agenda in governance as much as other sectors are.

Again,the mention of acute shortage of qualified teachers in the primary level baffles me. Excuse me,are teachers not supposed to be trained and  qualified before they begin to teach? Concerning the acute shortage of qualified teachers,who employed them to teach before,knowing that they are not qualified in the first place? To do what I ask, when there are many qualified teacher out there looking for where to teach?

We find out that corruption in deed is the chief agent of corruption,making plans that could enhance education standard to woefully fail.
Another serious agent behind the fall of educational standard in Nigeria are their own people. For goodness sake,why should someone,knowing that he or she is not qualified for teaching apply and push the employer to employ him or her for teaching? Is the intent of these people not to destroy the system?

Having seen the statistics of the performances of students in schools in Nigeria,being so poor,along with the agents behind the fall of educational standard in Nigeria,what then are the solutions to this problems?Read more: solutions to falling standard of education in Nigeria

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