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the effects of marital problems on children -marital abuse,marital burden, marital problems causing depression,

The effects of marital problem are numerous.  It ranges from emotional trauma,to unhappiness. It also affects the whole well-being of children physically,mentally,emotionally and socially. What then is marital problem?

Marital problem is a situation where husband and wife let their differences out of control,thus causing tensions and heavy disagreement in their family. Truly there is no family on earth without marital problem,but the way and manner in which problems are being handled really matter. Read more: how parents can leave their children out of their marital problems


Let's say that a husband of a family is a drunk. He drinks away himself in alcohol,coming home very late at nights only to wake his wife from sleep with beating. Will his children not also hear their noise and wake up? In fact,as the wife will try to defend herself from her frustrated husband who has drunk himself to stupor, even the children won't be at ease as well.
CREATION OF TENSION IN CHILDREN: No doubt,you would agree with me that each and every night that comes,the children would be thinking: 'What next will happen this night? Will my daddy beat my mummy again to night?' The truth is that until their father comes home late as usual,and takes his dinner,the minds of these children will never be at rest. The thought of what next will their father do to their mother will keep lingering in their heart,until their parent return to bed. An experience of one boy in Gambia,whose father is the same as the one mentioned herein says: 'I and my siblings would keep our eyes open while in bed,pretending we are asleep. On hearing the foot step of our father nearer our house,our heart would be ajar,pounding,until their drama is over. Many nights,we would join our mother crying,if she was beating by our father out of the bed'.

We can see that the effect of marital problem on children varies indeed. From the experience of the Gambian boy above,we could see that theirs was emotional trauma. There is no way children will not feel sad and emotionally down hearted when the family is not happy. Children of course are part of family relationship and are always carried along emotionally and otherwise. Their eyes see everything that happens in their family,as much as their ears hear every tit and tat that happen all around them.

How can parents leave their children out of their marital problem? The next article will look into this. Please join us!!!

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