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The motive behind Alicia keys song 'we are here -Alicia keys songs,Alicia keys songs in common,

Alicia Keys and songs
Alicia Augello Cook, known by her stage name Alicia Keys, is an American singer, songwriter, pianist and actress. She is one of the most beautiful singers in the world that I love so much. When I said  she is a beautiful singer, I don't mean her physical look. I mean her heart,the one that no one can see,with the physical eyes,but with the mental eyes.

Among all her songs so inspiring,I love the one titled " we are here". The lyrics :

we are here,we are for all of us

that is why we are here
all souls are brought together so we can love each other
let's do more giving,let's do more forgiving ...

Listening to the beautiful song over and over again feels no tiring at all. The song itself shows that the beauty of everyone should lie in the hand of giving. Give peace and love to people around you like Alicia Keys does and you will understand that,that is why we are here in this beautiful world. Of course The creator of the Universe made the earth round so that everything that goes round comes round.

The person of Alicia Keys and her choice of songs made me feel that she is a super Ragalist. One that belongs to the mighty good,heart group that wants the whole world to come together and  live as one. The crusaders who say no to prejudice,racism and hatred.

The song "we are here" by Alicia Keys is a message of love,oneness,peace and forgiveness.
We all here join the world of Alicia Key to say that we are here for all of us! All our souls are brought together so we can love each other!! Let's do more giving,let's do more forgiving!!!

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