Wednesday, 15 February 2017

the only remedies to job transfer problem for your

In our previous issue on the effects of job transfer to family relationship,we could see that while good jobs can bring home money for home maintenance and up keep,it has  a number of disadvantages. We could see for example,how a lot of homes have been shattered and children having their own share of the effects. Here is brought to you the only remedy to job transfer problem for your family.

In solving the problem of job transfer,when for example a husband has been moved from his family for job else where,their wives sometimes  decide to move with their husbands. And their children? Ooh,some usually leave their children to either with their grand parents,or other family members. But is this right? could this be a remedy for job transfer problem? Our answer here is NO. What then can?

the only remedies to job transfer problem for your family

A lot of serious studies have been conducted and have yielded to wonderful results.Here they are!

Since husband can not fulfill the emotional and s*xual needs of his wife by staying far away from her,neither can his wife do the same for him due to far distances,moving together could be a bridge for connection. What about the children? Should they be kept separate from their parents because of jobs? Well,since children are also part of their parent,and family,it wouldn't be reasonable for children to be left out of the movement. Who would take care of them? Their grand parent or others? It wouldn't be  a wise thing to do. For no one can give the children the cultures and up bringing of parenthood than the parent themselves.  Since husband and wife came together to form their children,nature has perfectly made it that the three cords can only be together before a successful and healthy family relationship can be built. So,let the man move his wife and children along with him as he is being transferred to his job.
However,in situations where the children are of age to be in school,parents can decide to admit their children in boarding schools,where they can be away from them,only for reasons of acquiring education. Then on their holidays,they will always come home,to meet and stay with their parents.

Remember,families that pray together,stay together. There is no other way this can be accomplished when these family members are not together.  Grand parent cannot do the jobs of parental training,even when they are parents too. Remember,family comes first and not your job!

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