Sunday, 12 February 2017

the world musicians fighting against racism and

Over the years,there has been man inhumanity to man, a situation,where one group of people will show to another that they are greater than the other. This act  has led people of different colors to discriminate and even hate one  another. This share hatred has resulted to lots of killing,and discrimination. But realizing the truth however that we are all humans regardless of our colors or where we come from,a group of respected  musical icons,giants of literature and host of others in their strong voices have beautifully sang songs to enlighten the world that we are one. Among them are Michael Jackson and his black Americans' group who sang the 'we are the world' to tell everyone,black and white that we can make a better place by start giving every necessary and helping hand to people,all over the world,and leaving out prejudice and racism behind .  Moreover,one of the greatest singers,winning our page here is Alicia Keys with the title of her song 'we are here'.

In the lyrics of her song 'we are here' she says:

we are here,
we are here for all of us
we are here together

Then in the other part she continues her lyrics saying :

all souls are brought together so we can love each other
let's do more giving,let's do more forgiving ...

Can you imagine the affection Alicia Keys has for the world? The message is clear and straight forward. She is calling and kicking against racism and prejudice as Michael Jackson and other good hearted singers have beautifully done.

From her song 'we are here, Alicia Keys strongly believes that all our souls are brought together,so we can love each other. She is right! And the question for us here is :If all our souls are brought togather so we can love each other,where is the room for prejudice? Hatred? Racism? and Discrimination being so rampant in the world today?
Joining the beautiful voice of Alicia Keys,the message from all of us here is that :this earth,this world is our home. We and no one of us is leaving it to anywhere else. Hatred and discrimination shall always be a waste of
effort for all of us if we continue to thread in the path of wickedness.

Peeeople,let's give ourselves peace so that we can give each otther love. Let us have an open heart to embrace one another,and make the world a better place!

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