Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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No doubt,some mother-in-laws can be very difficult to live with. This is especially when they never consent that their son should have anything to do with you,not to think of bringing you as part of their family. When you finally get into being part of  their home,they now begin to show you their bad and wicked side. If you are a victim of this problem,how can you deal with it? Here are tips on how to live with your mother-in-law.

One of the reasons why mother-in-laws can be difficult is when they have  misunderstanding with you. An example of a friend,whose mother-in-law was so difficult to live with will provide some tips for us. Her name is Leezy.

Leezy is a beautiful woman from Nigeria. Although she is not from the same tribe with her husband,she could speak his language. When her fiancee took her to his parent for formal introduction , as his wife to be,his mother immediately said no. that it's not going to happen. Her reason is not that she doesn't like Leezy for a wife  or daughter-in-law,she didn't just like the idea that her son should get married at that time. She expected that getting married to a woman would distract him from helping his parent and siblings,who have been waiting for him to secured a good job,and pay their school fees. Having secured a good job,his next plan became marriage to Leezy. The only reason for this  mother-in-law refusing her son's marriage with Leezy was that,she wanted her son to at least forget any marriage thing at the moment while he helped out to train some of his siblings. But her son refused,and finally got married to Leezy. Now,Leezy has to face her mother-in law who thought that she was the reason her son refused to listen to her. What did Leezy do?

Leezy having understood her mother-in-law's part of the story then makes sure that her husband takes care of the both families,his immediate family,and that of his own parent's.In her honor as a wife,she even had to ask that one of her sister in-law come down their home,and live with them,while others where taken care of as well.

To live successfully with your mother in-law,it is important that you understand her plight and see if it is reasonable. If it is,like Leezy,play well your role as a good wife,and bring your families together. In this way,you will have a good relationship with your mother in-law,and the entire members of the family!!!

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