Friday, 24 February 2017

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Research has shown that over 70% of workers world wide are not employed to do the jobs they desire to do. For example,the American system of education,allows their students to have little knowledge of everything. This is to prepare their students for discriminative labor market ahead of them. If you find yourself given to do a job you never thought about,or one you never have interest in,how can you love it? Here are simple tips on how to love your job.

Have you ever imagined what life would have been like for you without your job? yes,am sure,you would have been someone somewhere,looking frustrated and begging to be given opportunities to lay your hand on doing something. So,to love your job,just ask yourself what you would have been without any job,and also see what good your job has been able to do for you.

Secondly,early to your job shows that you value what cares for your need. It's been discovered that people who do not love their jobs are those who are reluctant to it. They go to work just anytime they feel like,most time very late,and come back whenever they feel like doing so. This is a bad attitude towards work,and anyone having this attitude can never love his job.

You admire people who look good in their dresses whenever they are set for work? Yes,dressing well,is a key to loving your job. Make the job you do make you look cute,and in this way,you will begin to love the job you do.

Since the aim of doing any job is to get money,and solve your need,at least be grateful to that job of yours which although does not give you joy,but puts food at your table.

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