Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tips on how to overcome addicted to drugs -drug abuse,drug addict,

The truth about how to overcome being addicted to drugs is that it is easier starting  it than stopping it. A friend of mine whose name I won't mention says that he has tried so much to stop taking drugs,but to know avail. Then I told him that he hasn't tried enough. Yes,because,another friend of mine also came to me and told me his preventive measures,and
how he is succeeding. This means that you too can actually overcome being addicted to drugs. I would give you his tips on how he overcame being addicted to drugs.

My friend Mr.A, likes popcorn. He takes it each and every time he has taken drugs for reasons I can not explain. So,when he made up his mind to quit taking drugs,he begins to look for alternatives. Since he takes popcorn with drugs,whenever the urge to take drugs comes,he switches to taking popcorn. In fact,he wouldn't wait till he has the urge to take his drugs before he starts taking his popcorn. Because drugs are not easily taken anywhere especially in public places,what my friend,Mr A. usually does is to keep himself stationed in public places,pretending he wants to see someone. He tries this in different places,and in different occasions. This was his tips on how to overcome being addicted to drugs,and he succeeded.

Dear readers,you cannot succeed with the tips on how to overcome being addicted to drugs,if you are still keeping company with other drug users. No,run away from them as though they are lepers. Stay away from them so that you won't have the hunger  to quest for it.

Another tip on how to overcome being addicted to drugs is this: Have at least,one reason why you want to quit taking drugs. Having reasons on why you want to do certain things will help you a great deal to win. If you don't have any reason,then,you have not began!

In everything,determination is still a standing key to success. So determine to overcome being addicted to drugs today,and tell yourself that you don't need it to survive and that even if you don't take it,you will not die!!!

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