Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tips On How To Quit Ugly Relationships

If there is any kind of relationship that one wants to quit,it must be a relationship that does not bring joy and fulfillment. We call this type of relationship Ugly Relationship .

You know there is a kind of relationship which brings nothing but sadness,and uncertainty. It is this relationship that one should surely think of how to quit. Here are tips on how to quit a relationship which doesn't give you joy:

  • One way to quit a relationship is to ask yourself if you really want to quit! If your answer is yes,and you are sure it is,then,you may not have to fight physically to say good bye to it. Your heart  no doubt, is no longer there,to continue, with your partner,and with the way you act,he is going to sense it.

  • If you want to quit your relationship,just call your partner and tell him how you feel about the whole thing. Whether he is listening or not,you will get to find out his position in the whole matter. Hear him speak his own mind,and then take a necessary action.

  • There was a man I know somewhere who proposed to a lady for marriage. After sometime,he found out that he was no longer interested in the lady. Did you know what he did? He left their town to a very far away place where the lady would not find him. Much later,the lady heard from his family members that their brother had traveled and they didn't know when he would return. No one would have to tell the lady that something was wrong in their relationship. Slowly and slowly,the lady left the relationship as well.

The example above is a very wrong way to end or quit a relationship. In fact,some other people who heard the story called this man in question 'a big coward'! This is not how to end a relationship,by messing a lady up.

For crying out loud, being in a relationship is not a must way to marriage. It is a test and cross examination to see if both parties will go into marriage tie. The right thing to do in your relationship if it does not give you joy is call the other party and openly tell him or her the reason why you will like to quit.

 For example,you could write him or call him and say: ''All along we have been in this relationship,it's been one problem or the other for us. We have quarreled,and have had many unsettled issues. I don't want to go on with this any more. We both have tried enduring each other,and I appreciate all your tolerance of me. Please look for a better me somewhere else.Thank you.'

The above tips are some of the best tips ever, that one can use to quit a relationship one no longer wants to keep!!!

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