Monday, 6 February 2017


When a virgin is in a relationship, she seeks various ways to resist the temptation of having a close body contact with her suitor.  If she comes to you and ask for tips on how to resist temptation in a relationship,what advice would you give?

If anyone tells you that she has never been tempted to cheat,it's either that person hasn't  seen enough of the world or interacted with enough good looking people. Temptation is a possession of all.
And the people who say you can never get tempted or attracted to someone else if you’re in love, well, they’re just wrong too.
Love and s*xual attraction are two different emotions, and it’s very much possible to experience these two unique feelings for two different people at the same time.
You may be clouded by an intense surge of love and infatuation at first, enough to convince you that it’s a potent cocktail of love and s*xual attraction. But soon enough, you’ll realize that finding someone else attractive is as natural as feeling hungry or wanting to sleep.


When it comes to knowing how to resist temptation in love, you have to understand that the more you’re surrounded by s*xually attractive members of the opposite s*x who are attracted to you, the more you’d be tempted to cheat on your own partner. So,try leave enough space between yourself,and and your suitor,until you say 'I do'.

One of the first things you have to understand about resisting temptation is the real underlying fact. If there is no temptation, then there’s nothing to resist.
This may be valid for a lot of things,but I do not know how it sounds to you. Humans are evolutionarily built to get attracted to the opposite s*x. But is every interaction going to end in bed? Of course not. So feel relax when you are with him some times.
Another  bullet tip  on how to resist temptation in a relationship is to avoid visiting your suitor or boyfriend alone. It has been advisable to visit one's boyfriend or suitor with at least a child who will be in your midst. Having a child in your midst will hit off every temptation to lie down and do some touching in your body.
Again as a matter of fact,if you must visit him alone,raise the blind in the entrance door. Avoid also staying in the inner secret room.
Everyone has 'no go area'. The moment you are in a relationship,try find out what your person likes and what he doesn't like. Respect his decision and you will enjoy a wonderful relationship with your partner!!!

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