Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tips That Make Breadwinner Mom Easy - bread winner circles,breadwinner family,

The issue of women being breadwinners of their families has never been a good story to tell. No woman likes or ever prays to be a breadwinner instead of being a helper,or a complement as the creator has originally made it.  For those women who are breadwinners,of their families,due to one reason or another, it hasn't been easy for them at all.Here is brought to you tips that can make breadwinner mom easy. Read more: why lack of volunteerism means lack of wealth

If you are a woman,and you are the breadwinner of your family,accept it,and tell yourself that yes,you are a helper,a means through which your family can financially survive. Pretending that you are not,makes it a burden for you to bear.

Shame has been one of the reasons why women would not want to take up the responsibility of caring for her household due for their husbands. So they reason: What will people  now say about me? That I did not marry a capable man who can take care of his own family? That I am the man in the house? My dear wife,please,avoid the voice of people if you really want to save your family

Avoid bad friends. Bad friends have been the major reason why capable women would  not take up the responsibility of their husbands in caring for the needs of their families, when their husbands are facing financial challenges.

A breadwinner can use her connections to get her husband a good job. In a situation where a white cola job is not forth coming,a capable wife can help set up a business for her husband,with her savings.

In many homes,wives usually have a joint account with  their husbands. At least with this, one's husbands can not be left pocket dried,making them look like needy,or incapable. The idea behind having a joint account with one's husband is to make it possible for a husband to still maintain his position as a husband. At least,he won't have to come to his wife each time he needs some money. He can always go to the bank,get some money to solve some family's needs. In this way,the man will still have his pride.

A lot of people have argued that this system won't help any situation,that could make a man hasten to secure any job. But this is not true. Any man who doesn't have a job to enable him take care of the needs of his household,is not ignorant of the fact. The only reason for having a joint account with one's husband is to avoid making one's husband to feel miserable due to his condition.

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