Friday, 3 February 2017

two strong reasons why fear is an attribute -feraless heart,fear and trembling,fear brings torment,

Is  there anyone who has no element of fear? D you know of a Titan  whose heart is made of stone? Have you met anyone who never fear for his life? Until you say yes, I will never believe that fear is nothing a possession. Listen dearie, fear is a possession of all. It is in every one born of a woman on earth. We have two strong reasons why fear is an attribute here. Read more: how is fear an attribute?

My grand father used to tell me that whenever  someone threatens to deal with me,I should not say : "What can you do? You can't do anything" He told me that this is an advice that can last for a long time,and can preserve my life only if I can take it. Did you see the wisdom in what my grandfather just told me? When someone threatens you,he may not mean a threat to say. But when you ask him "what can you do"? It will then trigger him to do something even when he has nothing in mind at first. That is the first strong reason why fear is an attribute. It preserves the life of its owner.

When one has fear for something,it tells him that he has a limitation as a man. Knowing that you have a limitation will help you to be ever careful and smart and humble. That is virtue. Fear is a possession of  beautiful virtues from within. That is  the second strong reason why fear is an attribute.

Before now,many have thought that fear is for cowardice. And I ask: Do the strong also fall? Why? Because they also fear. The two strong reasons why fear is an attribute are proves that we are humans,and not spirits. Oooh wait,do you also know that even spirits also fear? How much more mere humans!!!

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