Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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In the previous article:The brief history of Valentine, we could say that the celebration of Valentine began with the Romans who did so on every February 15,in honor of the Juno goddess.
From another source history too,Valentine was a Christian Martyr who wedded lovers against the order of an Emperor,and was killed for his disobedience. For that act of killing a man for promoting lovers to legalize their relationship,the Christians then decided to immortalize Valentine by fixing the date 14th,of every February.

Valentine today

The celebration of Valentine today is not like the celebration of Valentine in  the past  which was in honor of the Romans goddess,Juno. Today,every one,single,and married celebrates Valentine in the name of celebration of love. Hey,does it look right to you that even unmarried and little kids also celebrate Valentine? Should the celebration of Valentine have been for married couples,since it was marriage of  a couple that brought about the death of Valentine?  Why should even Valentine be celebrated since Valentine died at his own risk?Did you also notice that even married people exchange Valentine's love with even younger people?

The celebration pf Valentine today has led to a lot of immoral conduct such as fornication and adultery. Oh my God,can't you see that what was founded on purity and chastity has turned into immorality? Am sure if Valentine comes back alive on any February 14 and sees what people do in his name,he will be very ashamed of  them. Go to any hotels,restaurants and comfortable lodges and your eyes will be shut with force on sighting different colors and shapes of the inner bodies.

The concept of Valentine today has deviated from the purpose on which it was originally founded!

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