Sunday, 5 February 2017

what christians really pray for in our time

The word prayer is an act of communication between man and God,their creator. In the ancient times,the Israelites did not know anything called prayer,order than making sacrifices for the atonement of their errors. Yes, the people of Israel did not communicate with their creator as we do today. This is not because,God rejected them and preferred our generation,but because,Christ,our mediator died for us and paid for our sins so that in his name,every kneel must bend. What do Christians really pray for in our time?

Jesus Christ,the founder of Christians sets examples for his followers and he said: You must then pray this way,our father in the heavens,let your name be sanctified, let your kingdom come.let your will take take place as in heaven,also upon earth. Give us this day our bread  and forgive us our sins,as we also forgive our debtors. Do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the  wicked one.

Those are the words of prayer being a model for Christians to follow while praying. The points of this prayer borders on God's name to be made  holy,and for his kingdom to come. But is that what Christians pray for today? On the contrary! Christians,have left the model prayer points and picked their favorite from it. This is why instead of praying to God and asking for forgiveness,they ask for prosperity,and even pray for their enemies to die. Isn't this out of prayer context? This is what Christians really pray for in our time. Their prayer spells selfishness. This is because,they pray for only thing they need,making their prayer a matter of their needs. Everything seems here that if Christians are comfortable,having everything they need,they may not be able to say any prayer to their creator. The only time the model prayer is said is as a recitation of prayers.This means that the so called Christians do not follow the path or model set by their Lord Jesus Christ,but tend to follow their own part!!!

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