Monday, 20 February 2017

What if i have had an abortion?-abortion bleeding,abortion complications,

We have discussed a lot of issues on abortion,seeing that finally,there is no reason that can justify having an abortion. We could also see that having an abortion is murder,and nothing else. But hey my dear woman,having realized that abortion is a serious crime against the giver of life and and life itself,what will you now do if you have had an abortion? Should you kill yourself since another life has been taken away by you? Read more : should abortion be a personal choice or a question of morality?

You see  dear,the only person you are owning now that you have had abortion is he who created the life that you took away. Knowing what he has said you should do should be an answer to your question: 'What should I do?'

Remember there was a man in the Bible whose name was David. He was a man after God's heart,yet,he committed adultery and murder,sins so grievous to God. What did David do? On finding out that God wasn't pleased with his action,he tore his garment apart,wore sackcloth for days,and refused himself food many times. He then prayed and on seeing that David was truly sorry,God forgave him,and  he didn't have to pay with his own life. What are we saying? Do we mean that you should deny yourself food,and look dejected? Not exactly! But hey my dear lady,you must realize that you have done something wrong,and pour out your remorseful heart to the creator of the universe. He will forgive you.

Having realized how serious thing it is to have abortion,resist any further attempt to do the same again. In fact,resist even the temptation of falling a prey to any man that demands your body,instead of taking you to isle.

If you have had abortion,killing yourself cannot pay back the life you took. Prove that you are sincerely sorry for what you did,and never do the same again!!

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