Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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The question of what life is all about is one of the most life big questions one could ever ask. For example,have you ever wondered why one is born today and he dies tomorrow? On the other hand, if one gets married today,he may die and also lose his wife tomorrow. Then you ask: What is the purpose of this life?

Your question is as good as mine. This is because,everything is vanity as the wise king Solomon said in the scripture. No matter how good you might be in your profession or career,the sure thing is that you are not still the best in what you do. Someone,somewhere is better,and better off than you are. Yet,you are not in any way worst at all. Then,what is the purpose of this life? How can I be fulfilled in life?

Since life does not depend so much on our effort to survive,neither can anyone add cubit to his life span by being anxious about tomorrow,what can we do? The good Book says: Don't be anxious about tomorrow,for tomorrow will take care of its own. Again,since life is not guaranteed by how much we have in the bank,at the table,or on the level of education one acquires,living life just simply is the best we could do.

Don't get it wrong! The giver of life,our creator has not made man to die after a short period of time. No,that is not his intention. Something wrong happened along the way.  It was not His effort,but that of the first human couple,Adam and Eve who through their disobedience to God,lost a perfect life that could mean everlasting life for all of us.But thanks to the creator again for having made a provision to set man free from death through His son Jesus Christ

For now,life should be all about being happy,doing our bit every day,and enjoying all we can at the moment!!!

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