Friday, 17 February 2017

what it means when your husband yells at you in public-yelling husband,yelling and screaming,

In our previous discourse: 'why yelling boost relationship',we could see that the good yelling has in a relationship is that it freshens love and feelings. In fact,we could also see that one of the best times or opportunities to hear your spouse say :'I am sorry' is after yelling at you,sensing you have been hurt. Here,we are going to see what it means when your husband yells at you in public. Read more: why yelling,strengthens relationships

Studies have shown that yelling at one's spouse in public shows great disrespect and disregard to one's mate. For crying out,why would a man yell at his wife in public? When a man yells at his wife in public,it shows that the people in public are more important to him  than his wife is to him.

Yelling at ones wife in public means total negligence. Yes,it is negligence to her feelings and her person. If you consider your wife being important to you,you should consider her feelings first before any other's,both at home and in public.

The way a man treats his wife outside shows what kind of man he is inside. For example,a man who mistreats his wife in public is regarded as an unreasonable person. One without love and self control. In fact,people can actual tell how much his wife endures in the house,and how much she feels irritated as well.

For men who think that yelling at their wives is a proof that you are men,or a way to show power, it is wrong! Real men don't show their power by hurting their wives. It is even more shameful if they do so in public,by yelling at their wives!!!

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