Thursday, 9 February 2017

what makes abortion a sin/ why many wonder if abortion is a sin

Why many ever wondered if abortion is a sin or not is what I don't understand. Is it that you do not agree with the definition or that you do not know what abortion is?

Okay,by definition,abortion is the termination of a baby in the womb. Abortion is not an attempt to remove,or a process to terminate a life,but the termination of the life of a baby.

While some argue that since the baby is not yet born or known,their is nothing wrong if one decides not to keep it,thereby terminating the life. To people who argue this I ask:Is it not a child that is in the womb? Is it a stone or football which has no life that is in the womb? You surely know that it is a child that is in the womb,a life which has blood and you are asking if it is a sin to remove it. Please,if someone kills you,is it a sin? That answer is the same thing with abortion.

Terminating a fetus  or an embryo even on day one stage is taking away the life of  someone. Some people claim that abortion is not a sin because they do not know of any person whose life has been taken away. What goes out is simply blood and nothing else! A clap for you sir. In  fact,I salute your ignorance for not knowing that blood itself is life! The truth is that no formation of any child can take place without blood and that is why blood is life!

Other people also argue that instead of keeping a baby whom you can not take care of to die of hunger,you should go for abortion. Are these people not myopic? Who told you that babies can die of hunger? Go,read more books and make more research and see if you won't find out how babies have survived for more than five months without food.

There is definitely no way that nonconformists of abortion being a murder can win. Can they win the creator of life who has commanded in the scriptures that you must not kill?

In summary,what makes abortion a sin is that it is the killing of a child. Even though the baby has not been born,it has its life,live,and exists in the womb of its mother. Nature says that there is time for everything under the heaven. Therefore,for nine good months,babies live in the womb and that is their house until they are welcome to your house to live with you.

Hey,don't temper with the life of that child,otherwise,you would have committed a serious sin of murder and the consequence is life for life!

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