Friday, 24 February 2017

what men can do to be romantic husbands-romantic husband,romantic relationship,

In our previous article:What to do to be a romantic wife,we could see many interesting things that women should do to keep their men. If you think,we would mention any of it here,you lie! Here,men,husbands,are going to be our major focus. This is because,we have seen,and heard that the aspect of men being romantic to their ladies end as soon as they finally get them as their wives. But hey,this is not fair at all. So,here is brought to you,what men can do to be romantic to their women.

We have observed,that there are men who think that the only thing they owe their wives is money,which can buy food for the home,buy her clothes and cosmetics and make her physically look good,and comfortable. The emotional needs of their wives is only necessary at night in the bed. Noo,this shouldn't be it! Men,you need to be romantic,not just a little,but plenty. Start by giving your wife a kiss as soon as you are leaving home for work. Do so daily no matter what. And I tell you,through out that day,you will never be far away from her,and she will always be with you.

Have I told you before that romantic men pamper their wives anywhere any time? Make her feel relaxed with you,learn to carry her up in you shoulder,yes,lift her up whenever you or she arrives home. You know what,there is a family so known for this act that whenever the children are asked: Who is your father's baby? Then they would say : My mummy. You see the point,this kind of romance is not the one that should be hidden from kids because,it is the type of romance that is appropriate to show in public.

Women are the chief cooks at home,yes we know. But if you are around,should you just lie down in bed,or reading one paper or the other,watching one Television program or the other while she is alone in the kitchen? NOOOO,romantic men don't do this. They go close to their wives in kitchen,and give them some  assistance. If you are so busy that you won't be able to do this,at least,check her up in the kitchen,and give her a kiss!

Romantic men,after beefing with their ladies,come back home with some special goodies she loves so much. It could be jewelries,her pants,make up kits,or bras. In fact,romantic men buy all of these items for their wives. TRY IT,and you will be so happy you do!

Do you know how to use a baby's carrier? Romantic men,sometimes help their wives to carry their babies,whenever they are strolling. This is a romantic thing to do.

Yes,just before I end it up,did you know that romantic men some times make their wives to do the driving,when both of them are outing? Seriously,this is so romantic thing to do! Do it,and do it again!!!

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