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What should I do if my child is imbecile? -imbecility causes,imbecile disease,

Imbecility is the abnormality or defectiveness in a born child. Whether imbecility is hereditary or not,it is not an easy condition for anyone to deal with. Then,what should I do if my child is imbecile? Should you take away their life because they are imbecile? Read more: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE AN AUTISTIC CHILD

An imbecile child surely has defect in his brain. Part of his brain responsible for co-ordination has been affected, and damaged,and so you don't expect him to be as smart looking as none imbecile children out there.

One thing is sure about children with imbecility. They have their life intact,only their co-ordination is faulty. Would you kill your imbecile child because he cannot reason normally? Come to think of this: There are many people on earth who in their best looks and healthy brain lacks co-ordination and manner of reasoning. Everything they say or do spells foolishness. Have you not seen such before? I have,and many times too.

While parents of children with problems as imbecility can feel disappointed,yes,it's a normal thing,taking the life of your child because he is imbecile is an unfair thing to do. It is a murder which is liable to "soul for soul"! You did not give life,you should not take life!


Every problem has a solution. However,there is no such solution as absolute solution to any problem on earth. While some are partial,others are not.But however, the similarity of them all is management.  Everywhere around the world,there are special schools for abnormal children. Look for the one around you and you will find. If you do not want a special school for your child,use a second alternative  by getting him a nanny,which duty is to care for your child,who is imbecile. Neatness is the game of winning any negative situation. Keep your child as neat as possible. Make his physical look alluring  in the eyes,and your heart will be filled with gladness.

 Even you are not complete. You have your own problem people may dislike you for. So,learn to manage any difficulty that comes your way while they are temporary.

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