Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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We have discussed a lot of things about transferring employees from one place to another-job transfer.
In those articles of job transfer,we could see the various  disadvantages and effects it has in a family relationship,and the remedies to the problems. Here,we are going to see the areas in which job transfer cannot pose a threat.

One of the ways in which job transfer cannot pose a threat if  :

1.The employee is still single or unmarried. In this case,he is as free as the birds in the sky that can fly as high as they wish. Who can be a hindrance to a single man or woman who is working class classified? Is it a husband, wife or children? None!

Since job transfer poses much more threat to employees with children,employers should do well to put them in consideration when sending some workers on transfer to their other branches.

2.Job transfer cannot pose a threat to  kinds of employees who put their jobs first before their family.

This is to say that before an employer sends employees on transfer,he should have had a dialogue with his staff,to see who is more willing to accept,and who will frown at the idea. Having this knowledge will be able to help an employer to make a wise decision on who should be transferred, putting the welfare of his workers his priority.

The issue of job transfer is a serious one in  society. Before accepting the offer to be sent on transfer,weigh the advantages and the disadvantages to see which to opt for. The points mentioned above should be a guide!!

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