Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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There is no doubt that volunteerism offers many wealth of knowledge,experience and other lots of opportunities as seen the our previous article: ''Why lack of voluntarism,means lack of wealth''. We have also observed that one of the reasons why people,especially youths are unwilling to volunteer is that they do not how where to volunteer,and how to do so. Here in this article,we are going to see where,and how to volunteer. Welcome to monicddiarys.blogspot.com. Read more: why lack of volunteerism means lack of wealth

Schools: Schools,especially nursery,primary and secondary schools are good places to volunteer. You can offer your idea in some special kinds of sports,dance,drawing skills,and games that can be useful for their learning. How can you do this? Write a formal letter to any schools of you choice,telling them that you have a special kind of skill,you would like to teach their pupils,and students. Convince them or why they should accept the offer,by itemizing what their schools will be able to benefit,through your act of volunteerism.

If you are in medical line,and you just found out a new way to solving certain health issues,you could write to Ministry of health,asking them to permit you to go to any health center especially in rural areas to help them with some medical care.

If you are in a village,and find out that students in the rural area are lacking some subject teachers,it is a very good environment and opportunity for you to volunteer. Write to the village leader,and notify him of it. Tell him that by volunteering,you will be able to help the students gain knowledge of subjects,which teachers they do not have .

Looking for where and how to volunteer is one of  the best things one could do for humans.  Not knowing a place where one can volunteer,is not being sensible with things around us. At every point in time,people will always have a need for something,which can only be solved through the act of

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