Thursday, 9 February 2017

which Language Is Greater Than Other Human Languages?

There are over 5,000 distinctive spoken languages in the world. Of this number of human spoken languages,English,French,Spanish,German,Portuguese, Igbo,Hausa,among others are distinct languages in the world. Of all of these,which of the languages would you say is the greatest? Is it English? Would you say Yoruba, or French? Okay, before having a final answer,let us see what purpose all human languages serve.

According to Linguistics gurus such as Chomsky,David Crystal,Trobeskoy,and others,languages,whether written or spoken are the use of arbitrariness,created for expressions of thoughts and feelings among humans. The major purpose of language right from the beginning of man is communication. For example,it takes my knowledge of English language to write this article to you. If you also want to send your feedback to us,you also use the same language or anyone else I understand to do so. Now,is there any existing human language in the world that is not used for communication purposes or for more than just communication?

Asking a question of which language is greater than the other is like asking which of your five fingers is more important than the other? It is a very big question which answer is 'none', because,put together,they all serve the same meaningful purpose.

Yes,talking about the language or languages that have the highest number of speakers,We could say English,French,or Portuguese. But does the number of speakers a language has make it greater than the other? For example,can we say that because English language has more speakers than Yoruba language and then deduce that English is greater than Yoruba languages? Never! As long as Yoruba serves the same language that English does,they are all the same,none,greater than the other!

In summary,on the subject 'which language is greater than all human languages?',we could see that as long as all human languages whether they have fewer or more speakers serve the same purpose,which is communication,we,all of us including greater world Linguists say no language is greater than the other.  Whichever language one speaks is used to express thought,feelings,and desires.In our next article,we are going to see why English language has more speakers than any African spoken languages. Please join us.

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