Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Childlessness no doubt brings sadness to homes of people who have been married without a child,to bring an added joy to a family. Yes,childlessness can be caused by infertility,hormone imbalance and infections. On the other side,the state of childlessness can be as a result of no one's fault,being attributed to nature,which is not yet ready for any child bearing. Now the big question:Does childlessness make one an inferior person?  Everyone of us here says NO!  Why? Let's consider.

Every child is born for the glory of God the almighty. This explains the reason why no one can actually say a child is born for him or her,no matter what. So,if a man or a woman does not have a child should they ever be blamed? Remember,it is God,who gives a child!

In African tradition,it is a common believe that when a woman gives birth to a child,she has given birth for the community. This is why Africans believe that one person cannot single handedly train a child. That the whole community should be involved. Did you get the sense why it is so? Children are born for procreation purposes,that is for continuity to have effect,and not to make one better than another.

Can a child add a cubit to one's life span? None of our researches have proven true to it. Rather,we find out that children,bring stress,worries,and anxiety to their parents. If children can add a cubit to one's life span,then,our African mothers who gave birth to 12,15,children will not have to die early or even as those without children die.

My dear one,childlessness does not make you an inferior person. What makes you inferior is when you are not useful to yourself,your family,and society in any way. The only purpose for child bearing is for procreation purposes,and not to make anyone superior to another.

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