Tuesday, 7 February 2017

why children from a divorced homes do better in marriage, children from a divorced parent future relationship

 Many times,a lot of people wonder whether children from  divorce homes could ever make a good husband and wife,or if they will end up like their parents. When I see these type of people,my answer to them is: Fruits are not known by their roots. It very simple, that one's marriage fails doesn't mean that others will fail too,and that one's background does not matter if he doesn't care. Here are reasons why children from divorced homes do better in marriage.

No doubt,parents have always been important marriage role models to their children. But do you think any mother or father in the world whose marriage has failed would ever want his or her children's to fail? Certainly not. In fact this is where the answer lies. Whatever is the cause of the break up in any marriage would have been a lesson for the couple,which if having a second chance can correct,and do better.  Children from  divorced homes do better in marriage because,they would  have seen the ordeal of their parents,and wouldn't want to have the same.

Secondly,divorce is part of family history which any suitor must have known about the family he is interested to get married from. It is not a good and happy experience to share,and so  if one is from a divorced home,she would do everything right to to redeem a good name to her family by trying best to make a happy home.

Many interviews with people from divorced homes have been carried out,and below is a very interesting one with evidence that truly,children from divorced homes don't end up being divorced because they come from  divorced homes ,but could rather make a much better homes and a happy family relationships. Here it  goes:

'After decades of research, and over a decade of marriage, I continue to work to understand exactly how my family of origin affects my current marriage—but I no longer live in fear of the “sleeper” effects of my parents’ divorce. After studying and talking to many couples who have successfully navigated a path from parental divorce to personal marital success, I am confident that the fatalistic picture of couplehood for those exposed to parental divorce is flawed, and that the “transmission” of negative relationship outcomes is by no means inevitable."

 The bottom line in conclusion is that  everyone plays an active part in constructing their own marriages, and therefore have an active part in determining their success. If your marriage fails,it is because of both of your refuses to play your roles as husband and wife,and not because,you are from a divorced home!!!

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