Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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Are you amazed at hearing  that children who grow faster than their age may die early? But what do you think? Does it sound like truth? But it is not far from the truth.

When we first heard this both from social and psychological analysts,we first got amazed but when we gave serious thought about it,we could then see the possibility.

Take a close look at this: Our people believe that the world is a market. And like a market,whenever one finishes selling his articles,he will go home. Looking at this saying of certain mentality,the market here refers to people,you and I. What it implies is that whenever each and everyone of us have accomplished his purpose,he will die. Why would children who grow faster than their age die early you may ask?

Long before now,children take time to grow,and develop to maturity. For example, the age bracket at which girls see their puberty used to be at 13-16 years. The ones who develop earlier did so at most  11-12 years.  This explains why Some women who marry early began seeing their menstruation in their husband's house,indicating that their body was not faster than their status in developing. Does this have any explanation on why children who grow faster than their age may die early?

If you have gone to school to the highest level you want,given birth to as many children as you want,seen all your grand children,what else will you be doing on earth? Or do you not know that the moment one become inactive,or non productive,the moment he will start to die? still,is this why children who grow fasterr than their age may die young?

When you compare a woman who married early to another woman who married at a mature age,whom between the two would you likely say is older? Likely the one who married at her early age,even though she is a younger person. The reason is simple: When one begins to engage himself into mature acts,his hormone will also become mature.

Everything we do rest with our brain. Our stimulus responds to everything one does,and rates it according to its capacity.Do you sometimes wonder why children with sugar daddies,look older than their age?

Life is not free of stress and other anxieties of life. If a child begins seeing his on the basis of fact that he is   already being in family way,how long do you think he will last? Surely,he won't have to live for so long. Naturally,whatever that absorbs or faces too many pressure,do not usually last for a long time. Children who grow faster than their age not only see too many pressure, but absorbs it. You see why children who grow faster than their age may die early?

In summary,the truth is that why children who grow faster than their age may die early is because,they begin life on time and would have would have rushed up everything that has to be done  to prolong life before their normal late age.

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