Saturday, 4 February 2017

why comparison among children are unhealthy

Comparison  among children begins as soon as they learn to talk. At home children are taught to imitate the other and stop being sluggish that is if they are the type,while other children seem to be vibrant. As soon as children start schools however,the height of it all begins to show as they will be placed in the same classrooms asking them to learn the same thing at  the same pace.  Is comparison  among children healthy? Why do we want to emphasize here on why comparison among children is unhealthy?

Every child i unique is his own way. There are no two children who have exactly the same pace in learning,even when they all are 'A'  getters.  Our point is this: When you push children to be like others,you are deviating them from being their own self. 

Learning is one of the most difficult skills in life. Realizing this gives rise to  different learning and  teaching methods. This is important because,a method which helps one child to learn certain things may not help the other to do the same. In a well advanced countries,parents and teachers do not have to compare children to be alike. Rather,children are encouraged to to be their best kinds.

Why comparing one child to another is unhealthy is  that every child is not the same in many things. Ask them,and you will hear them say different things that they like,meaning that they think in different directions. So,why trying to put them in the same direction when obviously they have chosen different paths? Again,comparison on children does not help them to grow,bu tmakes them down hearted.

 parents especially should have time to watch their children and see where their interest lies. Be respectful  enough to your children to guide them on their chosen field of endeavor. Encourage your children,and before long,you shall find that every child is unique,and that no one's choice is absolutely better that the other!!

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