Thursday, 2 February 2017

why death is not the answer to child molestation?

It is a true thing to say that many molesters have  lost their lives as a result of their sinful act. there is no kind of man who will be ever happy to hear that his child has been molested even if he himself is a rapist. Out of sadness and anger,some parents choose to kill a molester for violating their children. The big question is :Is death the answer to child molestation?

Killing a molester can never be the answer to child molestation. It is only letting the steam out of oneself. Putting a molester to death is adding more grief  to ones problem.Let's not talk about the problems of murder here,as that is not a point of our focus. We are looking at the issue of why death is not the answer to child molestation. Life of a child is at stake here. We also  mean that some people somewhere are battling with headache,heartache,depression,and emotional trauma. It may feel just that killing a molester is the answer to molestation,but it is not. In all our researches,we find out that handling rape cases such as child molestation to the government is a better solution to molestation,while leaving the matter to God who sees everything,the only just person in the universe still remain the best way to handle molestation cases.

Since death can not bring back an ugly situation such as child molestation,neither can it bring any much relief to the victim,living with the solution could be a good stand!!!

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