Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Why divorce in marriage doesn't mean woe,

Why the rate of divorce is on a high increase,and the only ground for divorce.

Marriage has virtually the same story all over the world. There is no country or any nation on earth where divorce rate is alarming,due to one problem or another. What are the causes of divorce in marriage? Does divorce in marriage mean woe to a family?

As weak as divorce may sound,it is not entire a bad decision one can make. Yes,we do understand that divorce means ending marriage relationships which initially was built in love and in trust. But why would anything built in  love, in trust , and in strong commitments get shattered overnight someone may ask?  There is more to the issue of marriage than the eyes can see.

You see,when something is built on a foundation,to sustain it,one must always guide such foundation and ensure that it is strengthened as often as possible,otherwise,it will collapsed. For example,the issue of marriage is even more delicate  than one may think. A relationship formed by two people from different homes,and family background.

Of all things that could tear marriage apart, adultery is the only ground in which the originator of marriage says that can quit any marriage. This is to say that whether there are children born in a marriage or not,childlessness,as serious as it is should not tear marriage apart. Yes,researches have shown that a lot of homes have broken up today because a wife cannot cook or take proper care of her home,or that a husband can no longer provide the needs of his family,or that he is a drunk,or a smoker,that he beats his wife and her life  is at stake and all of that. All these to the one who forms marriage from the beginning should not be any ground for divorce. He wants a fix up,when holes such as these are noticed.

However,does divorce mean woe,or shame that one cannot solve his family problems,and it collapses their marriage? No,divorce doesn't mean any woe to any divorcee. This is because, the ground on which marriage can been dissolved is very serious,one that not many of us will accept,forgive and forget to just let go. Of course you should have known that whatever thing that could tear apart what God has joined together in spirit,making two different bodies be as one must have been very serious,and at times beyond humans to handle. When you see a divorcee,just know that he or she must have gone through a lot of things than your eyes can see,and never through any blame on them.

In conclusion,we have seen that divorce is a world wide problem. We have also seen that divorcee shouldn't be seen as failures who couldn't manage their family problem and that of course,adultery among other  problems is the ground that can tear apart marriage.
  In the next article 'HOW YOU CAN FIX YOUR MARRIAGE,we are going to discuss many ways you can detect  coming problems   in your marriage,fix it up,and enjoy a happy home once again.

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