Monday, 6 February 2017

why do people still pay tithe today?

Should people still pay tithe today? The issue of tithe paying is one that gives many  concerns to every seeking to find the truth.  However,before the answer to these question,let us find out the origin of tithe,and the purpose of tithe paying.

What is the origin of tithe?

 The issue of tithe began from the  nation of Israel of old. In that nation,there were two major tribes namely: The tribe of Judah and the tribe of Levi. The tribe of Judah was the kingly tribe,the only tribe of Israel nation that produces kings,while the tribe of Levi,was the priestly tribe,the tribe which does the functions of priesthood in Israel.

In the then nation of Israel, one of the major functions of the Priests is to make atonement  of  errors,through the use of animals' blood which are poured on the sacrificial alter. The Priests stand for holiness,always praying and pleading for forgiveness of sins and errors the people may have committed.

As people representing holiness, the Priests were not allowed to marry or have any share in their fathers' inheritance. This is where the issue of tithe came in. The law provided that every productive member should give 10% of their income or resources to the Priest. So,why do people still pay tithe today?

Do we still have Priests today whose function is to make sacrifices with animals' blood,using it to atone for our sins? No, the blood of Jesus Christ has already done that for us once and for all. We no longer take any kind of animal to any alter for the purpose of forgiveness of  our sins or do you? Why do people still pay tithe today?

The purpose of tithe is simple. It is to take care of the needs of the Priests who represent holiness,being a mediator between man and God. They were not allowed to marry wives,have children,engage in any financial activities,own  any properties,or share in their fathers' properties or inheritance. Tithe was their only share in life, their only means of sustenance,and its provision was necessary to the Priests as long as they remain in the holy temple to make sacrifices with animals' blood for the sins of people. Reasonable enough,people do ask: Since the office of the Priest no longer exists  in our time,why do pay still pay tithes???

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