Saturday, 4 February 2017

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What does it mean to say that education means life? Does it mean that any one who does not acquire education will die,or I mean,what are we saying?

It is simple,and very simple. Education means life! Come to look at this,no human is born with any form of culture even if his father is culture oriented. Everyone learns culture,and that is education we are talking about. It adds value,to ones life and that is true. The culture we are talking about here is  everything about life. One does not only learn about his own culture,no,but the culture of others. It is only in education that one can learn about ones culture,and that of the others.

What education does to ones life is to implant skills and knowledge. No one can live or survive without skills and knowledge you know. The act of learning to do anything in life to survive is what we call education. Is there any sort of life which does not involve keeping ones hand busy to provide oil into someone's  mouth? Whether you are a farmer,a tailor, a fisherman,a teacher,a Doctor,or anything else,you must have acquired the basic skills of it all to become what you are. My dear,that is education for you,being the reason why education means life!

Education when taken extensively can take one to anywhere in the world,to meet people of other kinds. Maybe you do not know that footballers,and musicians have learnt enough skills,that have taken them everywhere around the world,making them what they are. That is education which means life.

My lecturer was invited to a seminar sometime in Europe,and on getting there,meeting other colleagues in her field she felt that even the sky,has become her limit and she said 'Education,connecting people"! Wow! you could image her joy my dear.There is nothing like education. It makes life beautiful, meaningful,and it adds joy to it! Can you now see the reason why education means life?

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