Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why English language has more speakers than any African languages .

If you are from Africa or in Africa,which has over twenty countries,you would like to know why English language has more speakers than any African languages. If you like too, put together,the number of all African languages speakers,you will still find out that English language has more speakers than any African language,or languages,put together.

Come to look at this: English language came to Africa when the British and Portuguese arrived the continent. Before their arrival, Africans have been using their native and indigenous languages to interact and communicate with one another. They used their languages to do their businesses,and their every day affairs. How come,English language could take over African languages,so much that they are already placed under extinction?


One of the reasons why English language has more speakers than English language is education. One of things the white men who came to Africa brought was educate. In passing education to Africans,they used their languages which was either English or French. Before long,the Africans picked up The languages of the white as one of their own .

Another thing which the white men brought to Africa was their religion. In order to impart the knowledge of their religion,they would do so,speaking their languages which is either English or French. Thus,giving Africans more reasons to accept the white man's tongue.

The use of English language is now used in businesses,in government policies,as an official language in schools,and virtually everywhere and in everything we do in African English territories.

Why would English language not have more speakers than any African Languages,when English has opened many opportunities for Africans, for their daily activities? When you are in school,you speak English. When you have graduated,seeking for employment,you speak English! In your working offices and at home,you speak English language. Tell me why English language wouldn't have more speakers than  than any African languages when mothers,fathers,children,and all other members of the family speak English?

Did you also know that African countries were colonized by both English and French native language speakers? This is why some parts of Africa speak French,while other parts speak English language. When you check very well,you will discover that English has really gone so deep and so far in Africa so much that even some French speaking countries like Cameroon speak English,thereby making the language gather more speakers.

In conclusion,English language has more speakers than any African languages do because more people in Africa speak English than any other language. English people have also provided reasons to make English language stay in Africa, The advent of Education,Christian religion,and white colar jobs necessitate English language to have more speakers in Africa than any African languages.

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