Saturday, 11 February 2017

why every woman should have teachers' spirit.

From the Eagle's eye,many career oriented women do not like the idea of teaching for a profession. They see it as a quiet career,which do not match with their concept in life. But here,whether women like teaching or not,are the reasons why every woman should have teachers' spirit.

To start with,all women are mothers,and mothers in making.It means that if you are not a mother today,you will definitely be tomorrow,anyhow. It is an acceptable and a well known thing that mothers are usually the first teachers their children could know before any other person.

 Women,did you know that you are a naturally born teachers? When you give instructions to your children on how to do certain things and perform certain task,what are you then doing? Teaching. When however your child misbehaves and you flog him to correct him and discipline him,what are you doing? You are teaching?

The reason why every woman should have the teachers' spirit is that women are mothers. Like teachers,they must teach,and mold children's behavior. There is no  woman who is not a teacher even the illiterates teach their children moral values,and their culture. You can't escape it no matter what.

Can you imagine a home without a woman? It doesn't look complete. In fact,a child once told her mother who left home for  a seminar in a distant state when she came back that notthing works without her mother. It may look funny or sound unserious, but it is true. Like teachers,women are home managers who through calculations  make things to work out.

Women like teachers are hope givers and hope risers. Even when everything seems very bad,they stand by their husbands',and strengthen them to move on. To her children ,their presence means hope and comfort.

The benefits of women at home to their children ,their community,and the entire nation is immeasurable. In fact  the whole world as a matter of recognition has this slogan for women: 'When you train a woman,you train the whole nation'! This is a simple reason why every woman should have teachers' spirit!!!

The roles women play at home are all about tea,ching  They cook,they do the washing

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