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why ex convicts cannot be a threat to society -ex convicts returning to society,ex convicts and employment,

To be an ex convict means to have been found guilty,however,and have been sent to prison by any court of law.  From our previous article :how to welcome ex prisoners home,we could see that the training prisoners under go through in prison finally reforms,reconstructs,and reshapens their persons so much that they have become something sweeter than good. Here in this article,we shall look at various reasons why ex convicts cannot be a threat to society. Welcome dearie! Read more: what happens when ex convicts are not treated equally in society

In the labor market, a lot of discrimination of ex convicts have become so rampant that ex convicts now find it difficult to secure jobs anywhere, for fear that they are big threat to people in society.. This is not fair at all. For goodness sake,these people are ex convict,a word which is not written in the face or in character,but only in the book you may never see. Ex convicts cannot be threats to society because,they have become reformed persons.

Again,we did mention in our last discourse that prisoners go through a lot of training for spiritual,moral,and mental reforms. They have through these provisions been painted white and anew creatures. Why do you still think that these kind of people would be threat to you in society when they have been reformed to be something sweeter than good for you? I tell you,ex convicts can never be threats to society for any reason.

One of the things that make people steal and engage in wicked acts are laziness,laxity,and lack of employment to keep oneself very busy. Having noted these,one of the provisions set for prisoners while in prison is to engage them into skills acquisition  training and education. This is to enable every one of the prisoners have a skill and certificate with which they can use to sustain themselves financially,and keep themselves busy as well so they will never be terrors to society. Yes,this again is the reason why ex prisoners cannot be a threat to society.

 Remember,being ex convicts doesn't mean they  are no longer citizens of a country. No,they still are. Therefore,if the law has not seen them as unfit to be citizens any longer,so as to execute them rather than setting them free again,would you be the one to see them a threat to society? Please be reasonable!

Ex convicts are released from prison to be part of the society again,in order to contribute their quota in national growth and development. Accept them,and give them a chance to fulfill their wonderful aims in life!!

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