Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why Do Female Kids Get More Attached To Their Fathers?

Are you just wondering why most female children especially the first daughters,love their fathers much more than their mothers? Will it surprise you if I tell you that my father is my best,and my more preferred? Well,that is the wonderful work of the nature. None of us came down from the stomach and chose between our dear parent. It just happens naturally.

Why female child loves her father more than her mother

To start with,the mother is the carrier of every child for nine months before he or she is born. While in the womb,the relationship between the mother and her unborn baby had always been there before they come out and see the faces of their parent on earth.

From our observation,it is a common thing to see female children especially the first daughters loving their fathers more than their mothers. One would expect that mother should be dearly loved for being the first friend ever,but by over 70%,reverse is the case.

Naturally,people of opposite s*x attract each other. So while on earth will a female child not attract the man who caused her birth? Indeed,an absolute reason why female child loves her father more than her mother right?

Children naturally love and draw close to people who show them love and care. Our researches have shown that fathers love their daughters especially their first,so much that they provide them with all their needs,giving them curdling and warm touches. This type of care brings about another reason,why female children love their fathers than their mothers. Don't you agree?

You know,we choose people based on their qualities especially those of the same behavioral character with us. Female children,especially the first daughters,inherit more than 70% characteristics of their fathers. this makes it more reasonable and fitting for female child to love her father than her mother.

Aren't they enough points? Do you want more???

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