Thursday, 2 February 2017

why girl child should be educated

The issue of girl child education has a lot public quotes and speeches. This is because right from time immemorial,girl child education has been paid no attention to, than lip service. Why do families and even individuals not see girl child education important? Why on the other hand should girl child be educated?

Every girl child is to be a woman,and a mother tomorrow.  Your mother was a girl child few years ago. Imagine what difference it would have made to you and your family,if your mother was sent to school. Perhaps,she may not have ended up a trader in the market or any other casual thing [That is if she is anyway]. Imagine also,what it would have looked like by now if your your educated  mother wasn't sent to school at all? Would you have been more happy and proud of her? That is exactly the reason why girl child should be educated.

The  dream of every parent is to give the hand of their girl child in marriage to someone, some day.This means that one day,your baby girl will leave your house and go to another person's for marriage. Since nature has made it this way,will it not be better to prepare and package a girl child through education? What other better way can one arm  his girl child to succeed and defend herself wherever she goes order than education?

Human right activists strongly believe that when you educate a girl child,you would have educated the whole world. This is because,wherever a girl child is,she is important. As a mother,she is the first teacher her children  know before any other else. If your girl child is not educated,be prepare to have illiterate generation in your lineage.

More importantly why girl child should be educated is that education to a girl child is an empowerment to her,to her family,and to the whole world as well!!!

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