Tuesday, 7 February 2017

why humans grow old and die,why do our bodies grow old? why do humans die of old age?

Have you ever wondered sometimes why humans grow old and die despite all scientific and technological effort to improve life? Go to any pharmaceutical companies,and you will be amazed at how much Science has grown,to improve lives. You then have to ask: Why do humans grow old and die?

In their careful research,Scientists have learnt that the way our body system is made is such that humans should not die. They gave example of how one can have a deep cut or injuries in the flesh and after sometime,it naturally heals,whether one is under medical care or not. Is this true? Does it make sense to you? If you agree with above Scientific observation,what will you give as an explanation to why humans grow old and die? Does it mean that nature has spelt death on us?

The answer to the question on why humans grow old and die does not lie with Science. In fact,they do not have the answer. Only the scriptures can say. In the many lines of the scripture,we read that death spread to all men because of sin. So death is spiritual,we can't see it.

When we talk about death,we don't mean the death that could be caused by accidents,or illness. We want to know why illness or accident will strike someone and he just dies. This is because,if death does not exist to say,then,one can not die because of one sickness,or the other. He could only feel the pains that it brings.

As a proof that sin brought death,the first human couple Adam and Eve never got ill,not to talk of growing old and dying as long as they stayed obediently in the garden of Eden.  The first encounter they had with sickness,growing old and dying was when they disobeyed their creator,and he spelt death on human race.

Conclusively,we have seen that humans still grow old and die despite all the efforts to advance from one technological advancement or the other. The fact that no health or medical research has brought solutions to sickness and death,shows that old age and death are not in our hands to cure. Death is brought down to human race as a result Adamic sin in the garden of Eden. But hey,for how long will this problem continue?

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