Thursday, 9 February 2017

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The word impersonation means someone acting your person,or when you are acting the character of another. This is to say for example,that if someone is standing in your name,and doing your work for you,that person is impersonating you.

Impersonation is in different types. In this article,we are looking at impersonation in examinations. A lot of reports have it that impersonation in exam halls is a common challenge external examinations now have. The act or a situation of asking someone to write your exams for you while you are doing something else,somewhere else.

One important aspect of examination is to test your brain and know the capacity. A teacher would like to know how much you understand his teaching by placing you on exams. An employer would set an exam to test the level of intelligence of applicants to be sure of whom he would employ.

Can impersonation help you to pass your exams? Yes,it can. But impersonation does not in a real sense help you to pass your exams. Exam is the ability to solve a  problem by yourself. If you pay someone else to do the job for you,would you not have ended up building the capacity and ability of another person  into solving life's issues,while you are making yourself unavailable to the opportunity. What people don't understand is that when you make someone impersonate you to help you pass your exam,if you eventually pass the exam,and get what you want,you should know that greater challenges are there waiting for you.

Impersonation will hide your true nature from you. It deceives you,and does not tell you your real ability. What exactly are you doing to yourself by thinking of impersonation?

For those who think they are intelligent,what is the wisdom in collecting money to perform in a dishonest  act? What is the importance of your intelligence if you cannot help someone to build himself? Showing you have more fore sight? By collecting some money to write exams for people,you have proven that you are a kind that can sell your conscience for mere money. By impersonating other people and write their exams for them,you have also proven that you can wear the mask of another,and that a brainless man can buy all your brain contents. Imagine!

In summary to the issue of why impersonation does not help pass your exams is that,why you may pass one entrance exam to get in the list of qualified person,you can not produce anything to show that you have contents at the end of the day. While impersonation does not help you pass your  exams,your ability and intelligence can! Build yourself  today my dear friend,and enjoy the benefits it brings tomorrow.

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