Thursday, 2 February 2017

why impotence is not a ground for divorce

Should women divorce their husbands because of impotence? Okay,we know that it is really a painful experience when ones husband is impotent. Among other consequences of this problem are inability to impregnate a woman,satisfy her in bed,and to have children. Why impotence is not a ground for divorce is that impotence like other  s*xual problems  can have solutions. Visit medical experts and throw open the problem to them. Follow their advice and directives without any compromise.

Again,if your husband is impotent,could you pretend you are a virgin,or a nun? These are people who haven't had sex before,and may not intend to do so. This could be better,than divorcing your husband because he has a problem.

Have you tried introvert fertilization? This is another good solution to couples who suffer from impotence,and still wish to have children. Introvert fertilization is a situation where a donated sperm from an unknown source is infused in your uterus to fertilize your egg and give you a child. At least,this,even though can not bring one, joy,but could at least bring consolation.
In all my research,I have never seen divorce as a solution to impotence,instead,it aggravates the condition more and more. Hey,did you see why impotence is not a ground for divorce?

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