Thursday, 16 February 2017

why it is not wrong for a woman to become the breadwinner of her family- breadwinners,breadwinner etimology,

We have so far written two articles on women being the breadwinners of their families. In the first article: 'Is it healthy for a woman to be richer than her husband?' We see that truly,it is not. Then in the second article: 'Why women become breadwinners of their families', however,we could see that reasons abound why women become breadwinners in their families. While some of these reasons are negatives,others turn positives. Here in this article : 'Why it is not wrong for a woman to be the breadwinner of her family' we want as a matter of enlightenment show some bullet points why it is reasonable for a woman to boldly take care of her family's needs,even in the presence of her husband.

Let's begin with example. Let's say that your husband borrowed some money from a bank and uses his house as a qualatral,and the time is due for him to pay the bank as agreed,but doesn't have the money.  He knows that the next option is to give the bank his house which you live in,in exchange of the money which he borrowed from the bank.  Dear woman,if you are in a situation,being financially capable to give your husband that money to redeem his debt,wouldn't you be of help to your husband? Surely,a reasonable woman would! So what are we saying?

Being a breadwinner of your family if the situation guarantees you is okay. It is not wrong in a way,after all,it is your own family!

Remember that your husband had always been the breadwinner of your family,until now a problem handicapped him. In fact,being  financially capable that you are now,is as a  result that  he has given you all the way.Would you not respectfully,provide for your family now they need you to? A very reasonable and responsible wife would gladly do so!

When you got married to your husband,the promise was for better or for worse. Again,coming into marriage has made you and your husband one in everything .By not willingly providing for your household especially when your husband is having some financial problem,you would have of all women,been the most pitied!

By being the breadwinner of your family,you would have proven that you indeed have come to stay in your marriage. Women who have done this have been bountifully rewarded by their husbands,children and entire family members. Husbands, when eventually rise again, gain the trust of their dear wives,for staying faithfully to  them,in times of difficulty.

Dear women,there is nothing wrong for a woman to become the breadwinner of her family. That is your family,you are not leaving it for another for any reason.Taking care of the financial needs of your family is a temporal responsibility,a test,to your loyalty,and kindness to your family. If you truly love your husband and family,help them remain together,by being their breadwinner!!! Tips,that make breadwinner mom,easy is our next article. Please join us!!!

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