Wednesday, 15 February 2017

why it is not wrong to get married to a man younger than I am?

Asking whether it is wrong or not wrong to marry a man younger than you are is like asking : 'Is it wrong to be in the same class with students younger than you are'?  Many people especial in Africa do not accept that it is right for a woman to get married to a man, younger than she is . No. The reason for this is not our point of discussion. Here,we are going to see reasons why it is not wrong for a woman to get married to a man younger than she is.

Let us go back to school and  our classroom settings. A school is an environment of learning. In fact,education principle says that education has no age. This explains the reason why  a classroom is made up of students in different age bracket. We have some who are younger than others,and older ones as well Yet,they are all in the same classroom as one set of people. Why would students of different age be in the same classroom you may ask?

The beauty of students in school is their different age bracket. The younger ones learn to relate with the older people and vise versa,sharing experiences and learning and doing everything together regardless of their age differences. Do students ever feel age barrier in whatever they do? Never! In fact,being in one classroom makes everyone feel they are of  the same age. The same is marriage.

Age is just a number of years that one has spent on earth. The number of years that one has spent on earth has nothing to do with marriage. One primary thing that makes marriage possible is love. So the question to ask before considering marriage with someone should rather be: 'Does he really love me like I do?  This is because,love is the perfect bond of union,and not age!

Secondly,one should also consider the level of understanding they both share before considering marriage with someone. For example,how much differences do both of you have? How often do you argue between yourselves? How do you both resolve your differences? Does it later feel good at the end of the day with both of you? If your answers are affirmatives,then be sure that nothing should stop you from getting married to your love bird. What really matters is what you feel in your heart,not what you can see with your eyes like one's age!!!

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