Friday, 10 February 2017

Are Men Really Polygamous By Nature?

Who said that men are polygamous by nature? Men themselves right? Why would you even believe such statement in the first place? Oooh,you are still contemplating and now you want to be sure right? Okay,here we go!

The word polygamy is a marital condition where men marry more than one wife in their life time. Now,the idea of men being polygamous in or by nature means that men by God have been given the right to marry as many wives as they can. It also claims that as long as one is a man with something in between his legs,it is natural that they can woo any woman,and where the woman proves stubborn, he can even use his authority to force her and get her against her will.

The idea of men being polygamous in nature is so contrary to how God made man in the beginning. In the beginning, the creator didn't make man to marry more than one wife. In fact,He instituted the first marriage in the history of mankind and married just one wife to the man Adam,and gave them His blessings. It is only in a wayward society,in our own world where everything goes wrong that the logic of men being polygamous in or nature came to be,and it is gaining acceptance.

Come to look at this: Did you know that  the idea of men being polygamous pushes men to commit immorality with impunity? This idea makes what is bad look so good in the eyes,after all,they said they are polygamous in nature!  The thought of why men should be polygamous by nature never spells decency, wisdom and equity to me. It sounds questionable all the time.

The results brought by the actions of men being polygamous by nature have never proven in any way that it is God's doing or the purpose of the creator for man to become polygamous.

Polygamous is the only act brought by man's will to satisfy the selfish nature of man and to dominate woman,proving that they are the head,and the authority!!!

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