Friday, 3 February 2017

why Micheal Obama is the most admirable First lady the world have had

America has always been a home for all over some decades. America has had many presidents and their families in White house,but hardly does anyone remember any of  their First ladies Iconically as Micheal Obama is remembered. Is it her beautiful and cheerful smiles? Is it her gorgeous look and elegant styles? Is it her boldness and strength? Everyone certainly has one amiable reason to always remember Micheal Obama for,making Micheal Obama the most admirable First lady the world have had.

To say that someone is loved and much admired is to give a considerable sample of the admiration. What and what has Micheal Obama done to make her the most admirable First lady the world has had? Recall that the First lady is a black. It can only take a very intelligent black to lead the path of the White successfully,and that was what Micheal has done. She has looked down and saw the urgent needs of her subjects,and in humility,she bent and served.Few among other things she did was to alleviate the problem of obesity tactfully for the good health of her people. Micheal Obama knowing well that an American's First lady is also the Fir
 st lady for all. To acknowledge this is true,Micheal in her honor and wisdom, as a wife and mother promoted and extended education to the whole world at large through her project initiative.

The most admirable moment for me about this admirable woman is the way she could handle her family,carrying them along as well as the whole world at large. No place ever lacks her amiable presence. As the best friend of her husband,Barack Obama himself knows that he could not have done much without Micheal. You see why Micheal Obama is the most admirable First lady the world have had?  Micheal is one woman who  knows how to mix politics with love,peace,and calmness. Tell me of any First lady who on their passing out from service receives a pretty gift from  a First lady elect? It happened to only Micheal Obama,the most admirable Fist lady the world have had,as she gorgeously,and gracefully,receives a large Tiffany gift from Melania Trump with kisses! Isn't this romantic?? Again,who was that First lady in the world  that has received the warm embrace from the bossom of the Queen of England instead of a usual hand shake? It was the world First lady,Micheal,Obama!

From the true heart of the world President,in expressing his utmost degree of  his admiration for his lady,Barack Obama,gave in tears with emotion, when giving grateful speech about Micheal. Who in the whole world has no reason why Micheal Obama is the most admirable First lady,the world have had?

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