Sunday, 5 February 2017

why no sin is greater than the other

Are all sins equal before God? Is any sin greater than the other? While some say 'yes' that some sins are greater than others,others say 'no',that all sins are equal. Here,we are going to look at the points why we choose 'no',indicating that no sin is greater than the other.

Remember the first article on this issue 'how sin can rule your life'. We did define sin as the state of incompleteness of mankind or having lost the mark of perfection. We saw in that article that when one does anything contrary to God's standard,it becomes a sin. If sin were put into categories,we could say that one sin is greater that the other.

Before now,you have always wondered whether all sins are equal or if a particular sin is greater than the other right? You see,the truth is that whether it is a fornication or murder,it is a sin,as long as they all are against the same law.  Did you see it as a reason why no sin is greater than the other?

Again,since all types of sins result to judgement and affect the conscience,making no doer to escape its consequences,no sin is greater than the other. But one might reason: If someone commits murder,the consequence is death for the doer,but if one lies,the doer can not be judge to death.Therefore one sin is greater than the other,he could reason. Yes,sins do not have the same consequences,for example,eye for eye,teeth for teeth,indicate that the result of one's crime should be equivalent to his action,that is justice!

Whatever that is wrongly done against God or nature is a sin. Since all of them have consequences following them, we can again say that there is no sin greater than the other.

the wages sin pays is death says the scripture. The wrong, Adam and Eve committed in the garden of eden was disobedience to simple instruction-do not eat this fruit,and they ate it. Yet that became a sin,and it brought death to them and all of us . Can you see yet another reason why no sin is greater that the other?

The scripture also says that any sin against God and his son Jesus Christ will be forgiven,but sin against the holy spirit has no forgiveness. So,since all sins can be forgiving except that against the holy spirit, we can still say that no sin is greater than the other because sin against the holy spirit can be any sin that one commits,willfully!!!

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