Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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Sure you've been in a relationship before. We are not talking about the relationship where one would be wondering: Am I really in a relationship? simply because it doesn't make sense to her. While in a relationship,a lot of ladies are not sure if it will end up in marriage or not. The reason being that their guys have never told them that they would marry them,or ever thought of proposing to them. In fact,a lot of girls and ladies who have been in relationships for more than 3years have confessed that their boyfriends hardly say : I love you in their relationship. Read more: Is marriage compulsory in life?

No,it is not the kind of relationship we are talking about here. The kind of relationship we are talking about here is one that ladies enjoy so much that they begin to fear that marriage may not be this sweet at all. Why then do a lot of people believe that relationship is sweeter than marriage? Let us consider.

A good friend of mine told me that it is only in relationships that guys call their baes more than once in the morning,afternoon,and night,to know how they are doing. But in marriage,reverse becomes the case. In marriage,guys do not see it necessary anymore to call their women often,except if they have to pass information to them. This being a reason why relationship is better than marriage.

Again,research has shown that in relationship,lovers give their best to see that their relationship is taken to the next level. We then ask: If the best is given in relationship,what more would be expected in marriage if not good or better? Thus another reason why relationship is sweeter than marriage.

The worst of it all is that people believe that the institution of marriage is for better or for worse. So they now prepare their mind to accept endurance,rather than enjoy,which is the hallmark of relationship.
Some points as to why relationship is sweeter than marriage have been highlighted above. It is obvious that when lovers put in their best to make their relationship work into marriage,they then relax and behave casual.When this happens,it then makes relationship sweeter than marriage.

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