Saturday, 4 February 2017

why school competitions are good for kids -school activities,school as a social system,

The first and foremost reason why parent admit their kids in school is not because,they,the parents cannot teach them at home. No. It is because,children learn faster and better  in the midst of their mates,and other children. Parents want the best for their children,all the time. Why are school competitions good fr kids? Read more :why education means life

One among the others is that competition arouses the mind of kids,helping them to learn faster,and smarter.
Competition broadens the minds of children to accept wider learning,and broader skills.
Competition helps children to see early in life that life itself involves competition for anyone to survive. So,competition is an eye opener for kids.

When kids are put in for competition,they realize early that their parents want them to be the best and nothing but the best.This means that right from onset,what a kid looks forward to is being the best they can be anywhere ,any time.

Research has proven however that the best well to do individuals on earth are those who have been placed in the fore world of competition right from when they were kids.  Ever since then,the only thing they have always known is how to be the best they can be .

School is the primary source of competitive environment for kids. Of course parents cannot encourage their own children to always be in competition with one another.  It is not healthy for any  household,or family,but very good among schools.

School competitions make children to feel an impart that they belong to a society which expects them to do well and achieve academic excellence.  Reasons why school competitions are good for kids is more especially because,competition doesn't kill,but it brings out the best in kids for greater tomorrow.

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