Wednesday, 8 February 2017

why smoking and drinking cannot remove depression. -smoking weed,smoking and its effects,

Over 80% of smokers and alcoholic drinkers,agree that drinking and smoking take away their stress,depression,and anxiety. Honestly speaking,we never rested until we truly found a satisfying answer. Recently,we now have the reasons why smoking and drinking
cannot take away depression. Here are the points:

A very sincere young man came to me on a good day and quietly asked: Aunt ,please,what can I do to stop smoking and drinking? I asked him: Do you really want to stop smoking and drinking? He said yes,and I told him that he is already half way to solving his problems since his mind is made up to do so, Then I added: Why did you subscribe to drinking and smoking in the first place? Did you not agree that drinking and smoking can take away your stress and and anxiety? Then he said in reply: 'Auntie, I thought it could,but it has never helped me at all. The worst is that after sometime, just  in a few minutes the effects will be gone and your problem will return'.

Did you notice the sincerity in his tongue? At first,my friend said that he thought that smoking and drinking takes away stress and anxiety,but he just realized that they don't. In fact,he even concluded by saying that depression comes back double after the effect of smoking and drinking of alcohol.

But what do you think? If drinking alcohol or smoking can remove one's problems would one still feel it after some time again even when he has finished taking his drinks? Why would smokers return in more angry face after smoking if smoking helps in relieving one of stress? Isn't this an obvious reason that smoking and drinking cannot take away depression,stress and anxiety?

Another truth is this: Any problem that cannot be taken away completely from one's mind is not solved. What alcohol does to the takers who do so for the purpose of taking away their sorrow is to get them relieved,when it is already in control of their emotion. This action doesn't last any long. After concentration,the effect disappears,and the eyes of the drinker get opened,taking his mind to his consciousness,and the man begins taking charge of his responsibility. On the other hand,what smoking does to the smoker who takes it on the basis of taking away his sorrow is even worse. The effect of smoking leaves him with harder heart,to do worst things than ever. So,what are you saying dear smoker?

The bottom line in summary is that the thought that smoking and drinking takes away tress,anxiety and worries are unfounded. The experience of the man mentioned above is a concrete proof that neither smoking nor drinking alcohol can solve emotional troubles of individuals. What then can? In our next discussion,we shall find out from the topic :HOW CAN I GET FREE  FROM EMOTIONAL DISTRESS?

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