Monday, 6 February 2017

why there are so many churches today

If you have noticed the advent of denominations of churches there are today,you will no doubt wonder and ask why there are so many churches today. For example,in early 1800,churches were known by few numbers,and names,before the school of Theology really came to stay,and gained popularity from early 1900. Do churches have to grow in denominations or by number of converts? Jesus Christ,the originator of  Christianity didn't have a church,neither did any of his Apostles. Why then would those (today's Christians) who are supposed to take and follow his footsteps do otherwise? Are there really reasons why there are many churches today?

The truth is that the advent of modern Christianity has changed from the original concept of the founder Jesus Christ,who founded Christianity on the basis of reaching mankind with the message of God's kingdom,the  only hope of man which will relieve us from all suffering. What do we have today? Different groups of persons now preach prosperity and sound crusade of healing,collecting tithes and offering money from those who have come to receive sorts of healing from them. Because church makes money for their Ministers,there came a need to have more branches in different names that spell Christ-like for others too to make their own money. This is one major and obvious reason why there are many churches today. For money making.

  Did you know that until the Protestant Reformation, the Christian church was largely composed of only two groups or "denominations": the Roman Catholic Church in the west and the Greek Orthodox Church in the east? With the Reformation, however, as neglected Bible truths began to be restored and emphasized, different denominations arose holding different doctrinal positions on a number of issues. Sometimes these differences were rather minor; in other cases, they were quite significant. Because of holding on to different doctrinary teachings,more churches were created to accommodate their doctrines. Should church have doctrines instead of Bible teaching? Hmm,nawa oo. This again give another reason why there are many churches today.

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