Saturday, 4 February 2017

White Man's Religion Didn't Destroy African Tradition.Read Here

Did the white man's religion actually destroy African tradition? Why so many people say yes that they did,I take a stand with those who say no. What the white people did when they came to Africa was to introduce their religion Africans.

 For crying out loud,they couldn't destroy African tradition,on their own. The history says that some Blacks were bought over by the white people with mere things like mirrors,matches,and other gift items they never saw ever in their lives. So,they offered themselves,and the white people used them all to achieve their aims.

Do white people speak Igbo or any African languages? No,no,no. You see those fathers of ours who were bought with money to change the minds of their own people into accepting their ideas,and mission should be blamed. What stopped them from misinterpreting the white man's language to their people and hinder their message? You see why the white man's religion didn't destroy African tradition?

The intentions of the white people were never hidden. Our fathers saw them clearly and gave the message of the white people to their own people. Where were the African elites when the white people came  to Africa? Was there no one alive then? 

The white man's religion didn't destroy African tradition!our fathers did!! They abandoned our tradition and picked up the tradition of the white and gave their people, because of money and other material items. They allowed their brains to be brain washed by the tongue of the white people.

When our African fathers saw the white men in their land,they thought they have seen gods or more powerful,better and super humans,superior to them and did as the whites said!!!

Africans,on seeing the white people,usually feel inferior to them. Because the whites came as super humans, what our fathers did was to submit to their wishes. In fact,it is not even the fault of the white,it is the fault of African nature. We never appreciate what we have until we lose it!

But wait,the white brought their religion,yes. They also brought education,and civilization. Are we not beneficiaries of all of these? In what way has the white man religion destroy Africa traditions? I think the problem is from us. We like to accept other people's view and keep ours in a corner,forgetting that whatever thing that is left abandoned,will go into extinct! See why the white man religion didn't destroy African tradition??

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